Better Health Guy Glucuronidation Podcast

Better Health Guy: Glucuronidation with Beth O’Hara

In this podcast, I spoke with Better Health Guy about Glucuronidation. 

Some of the things we touch on in this podcast are:

  • Definition of glucuronidation?
  • Xenobiotics?
  • Bilirubin and glucuronidation and the connection between the two
  • The effect of glucuronidation on bile acids, hormones, prostaglandins, coritcoids, fatty acids, and fat-soluble vitamins?
  • Where in the body does glucuronidation take place?
  • Genetics and glucuronidation impairment. 
  • Connections between glucuronidation and chondroitin sulfate, heparan sulfate, the extracellular matrix, and TGFb1?
  • What should you avoid to take pressure off of the glucuronidation pathway?
  • The role of glucuronidation on phenolic or salicylate sensitivity. 
  • What does intolerance to CBD say about glucuronidation impairment?
  • How does beta-glucuronidase it impact glucuronidation?
  • The connection between glucuronidation and neurotoxicity and the blood brain barrier. 
  • The effects of mycotoxin clearing on glucuronidation. 
  • Top tools to optimizing glucuronidation

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