Better Health Guy Precision Mycotoxin Detoxification Podcast

Better Health Guy: Precision Mycotoxin Detoxification

This Better Health Guy podcast: Precision Mycotoxin Detoxification goes into the research Dr. Neil Nathan, Emily Givler DSC and I have been doing over the past several months working on the Precision Mycotoxins Detox.

This precision approach helps decrease reactions and increase success rates when mold detoxing.

If you or a family member are dealing with Mold Toxicity, you’ll find this interview extremely helpful.

If you want to get the Mycotoxins testing discussed in this podcast, you can actually order on your own with the links below. It is important to do both the Great Plains and RealTime tests.

If you are a client, contact us directly for these – you will get more benefits through us.

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International or in a Direct Access State?

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In the US but not a Direct Access State?

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Are you in Canada?

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Do you live outside the US? You can have these tests sent to you using this service:

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Be sure to follow the information on gentle provocation prep for the test in the blog post here. You can also find out a lot more about mold toxicity and these tests:

Mycotoxins and Mold: One of the Biggest Root Triggers for Mast Cell Activation | Histamine Intolerance

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  1. Gordana Smith

    There’s so binder listed for mycophenolic acid ?

    1. Suz, Mast Cell 360 Team

      Hi Gordana,
      There isn’t definitive research on this yet, but we’re working on it!

  2. Justin

    Hi, and thank you, Emily Givler, and and Dr. Nathan for the great work in this area. I had a quick question based on a July 20, 2020 blog from Dr. Nathan (, which mentions that quercetin, resveratrol, and curcumin can all be down regulators of targeting Aflatoxin detoxification through the various CYP pathways. I also noticed that these three supplements were generally given to patients by functional practitioners due to their anti-inflammatory properties and your work points out that these three supplements also support the very important detox pathway of glucuronidation. Now, if a person has identified aflatoxin as being the most prevalent mycotoxin in their system, should quercetin, resveratrol, and curcumin be avoided until the Aflatoxin is eliminated and lesser mycotoxins are now being targeted?

    Also, are there any updates on detox pathways for gliotoxin?

    Thank you!

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