Thank you for your interest in Mast Cell 360. We’d like you to review the following cost estimates to be sure the program will work for you.
Please note that Mast Cell 360 is unable to accept insurance or provide superbills.
All appointments must be paid at the time they are booked.
This is a longer-term program. The average cost per month is typically $300-$500 for supplements, appointments, and other types of supports. However, there are more expenses in the beginning, immediately following the case review.
 Example Invoice for Initial Phase:
Initial Appointment$675, 75min appt
Genetic Testing Kit$299
Supplements $50 – $200
Functional Labs$800 – $2,500
Nervous System Supports$350 – $1,000
Follow-Up Appointment$275, 50min appt
Total $1,500-$4000
Lab testing must be conducted in a timely manner to get a clearer picture of your case and how to best serve you.
If you have any questions about the fees and services, please feel free to Contact Us.
Thank You!