Work with Mast Cell 360


The average costs of the Mast Cell 360 program include:

  • Initial Appointment (not including labs, supplements, etc..): $900-$1200
  • Each follow-up appointment (One Time): $295 – $445
  • Initial Test Kits (Typically every 6-12 months): $1400-$4000
  • Supplements (Monthly, depending on your needs): $300-$1000

Mast Cell 360 services are not covered by insurance

We do not submit invoices to your insurance company.

We cannot provide superbills.

Are these costs within your budget?

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Participation and Commitment

As we mentioned, the Mast Cell 360 Program is a long-term program. Depending on your case, the duration of your work here may be anywhere from 1- 3 years. Are you willing to actively participate in follow-up appointments approximately every 6-12 weeks during that time, as needed?


We are a small clinic without an IT department. Are you comfortable with using computer-based technology (e.g., Excel, our Practice Better Client portal, Supplement Store and an on-line ordering system for labs).


Are you willing and able to embrace technology during your healing journey? 



Success with the Mast Cell 360 program relies on tracking how you are doing, in between appointments as well as keeping a journal of changes when you add new supplements, foods, or experience new stressors in your life. 

Are you willing to fill out a changes journal and progress report, that may include daily tracking?

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Mast Cell 360TM now uses an online Electronic Health Record to provide a better overall experience.