How to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality For Those Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance + Special Discount For You

How to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality For Those Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance + Special Discount For You

When you have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance, your symptoms can get much worse with poor indoor air quality.

I remember every spring when the Black-eyed Susans come into bloom, I would be rubbing my eyes, itching, and sneezing. And forget wearing mascara! Even with the doors and windows closed, that pollen gets inside. 

I still associate Black-eyed Susans with allergy symptoms. Ugh!!

I used to have a lot of symptoms from poor air quality back then. Mold spores affected me a lot! I would get headaches, trouble sleeping, and a tight chest.

And of course, I worried about getting sick when my husband came down with something. I seemed to always catch what he had. Because no matter how careful I kept washing my hands and sanitizing everything, I still had to breathe the same air.

Fortunately, this has all gotten much better. I did a ton of research, like I always do. It actually took me 2 years to decide on an air purifier. Because I have to research that much!

I want to share this research with you, so you don’t have to wait so long to get your indoor air quality cleaned up for your health.

I have found that few of my clients have thought about having a good quality air purifier, though. This is a missing piece for a lot of people.

Keep reading to see if an air purifier might help you.

The Importance of Good Air Quality When You Have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance

Each season brings allergens in the air. Spring brings pollen. Fall brings ragweed. Mold counts are much worse in the spring and fall.

But there are still problems with pollen and mold in the summer. And in the winter, dust mites increase. And mold can increase indoors in the winter.

This year has the unusual element, too, of a new virus. You want to be more vigilant than ever in keeping your home environment healthy.

At any time of year, these and other pollutants might be in the air. And you definitely want to filter them out! Especially if you’re dealing with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance.

Reducing airborne triggers like this, is one of the most critical steps in addressing Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance.

Air quality is so important to your health. Your Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance can worsen with things like

  • Mold spores
  • Airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Pollen
  • Air pollution
  • Chemicals, like off gassing VOCs
  • Dust mites
  • Dander

Many air purifiers are well known for removing dust, allergens, smoke, and odors. But some air purifiers are made to also tackle microorganisms like viruses, mold, and bacteria.

One key element to good health is having clean air. Toxins can linger in our homes for a long time. You don’t want to breath those in! Here’s how they can stick around and what we can do about it.

How Viruses and Bacteria Stay in the Air and can impact Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance

Germs can be spread through:

  • Physical contact with another person
  • Touching contaminated surfaces
  • Breathing in droplets from the air

It’s not too hard to avoid touching someone who is sick. Or to clean contaminate surface.

But any germs can remain airborne for hours. They can be spread through coughing, sneezing, and even breathing!

Those particles that leave your mouth are called aerosols. These aerosols can remain suspended in the air for anywhere from a few minutes to several hours! They can even be travel up to 200 feet!

Because they are microscopic, it’s common for these germs to be continue to circulate through your indoor air.

Air purifiers are a great way to help clean the air you are breathing in your home of viruses and bacteria.

I’ve noticed that when my husband gets sick now, I don’t always catch it! This has been great for me.

Some of it is from my body healing. And the Austin Air Purifier we have is a big part of the equation too.

The Big Deal about Mold Spores When You Have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance

I see mold toxicity in 70% of my private clients. It is one of the TOP triggers in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance.

Mold is very common in our homes now. This is because houses are sealed very tightly. This is great for energy efficiency. But it means condensation gets trapped.

Wherever you have moisture, you have mold.

Now, you can’t entirely get rid of mold. But you want to reduce it as much as possible.

The right Medical Grade Air Purifier also significantly reduces mold spores from floating in the air.

It’s amazing how quickly mold can grow when there are a lot of spores in the air.

They land on wet surfaces and reproduce. Then they throw out more mold spores and toxins into the air.

And then you can breathe them in and get sick.

Remember when I said at the beginning that 70% of my clients have mold toxicity? It’s become a really big deal.

Only Medical Grade Air Purifiers can trap mold spores at 1 microns. Regular HEPA filters can’t. This is because normal HEPA filters can’t trap things as small as mold spores.

If you have water intrusion or water damaged materials, you still have to clean that up. An air purifier won’t do everything for you.

But a Medical Grade Air Purifier is a big step in the right direction.

Now, what about VOC’s, pollution, and smoke from fires?

Medical Grade Air Purifiers remove VOCs, Pollution, Smoke, and other chemicals that can trigger Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance    

We just got some new bedroom furniture. It looks great! I’m really excited about it. We’d had the old furniture a really long time and it was mismatched. So, this is the first matched bedroom set we’ve had.

But it had a strong smell when it arrived. Normally, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep in the bedroom for a couple weeks until it finished off gassing. Or it would have had to sit in the garage. That was always a bummer!

Fortunately, I was able to turn my Austin Air Medical Grade Air Purifier to high and the smell started to go away in a few hours.

It really trapped up those VOCs coming off the furniture!

These common household materials can all emit dangerous chemicals and VOC’s into the air you breathe in your home:

  • Particleboard in new furniture
  • Plywood in new construction
  • Glues and adhesives in furniture
  • Insulation materials
  • Flooring, like carpet, vinyl, and wood
  • Fire retardants, like on pillow and mattresses

If you live in a city, air pollution is another big issue. And for those living where forest fires are a problem, the smoke is a huge trigger.

People with MCAS/Histamine Intolerance can be sensitive to all of these chemicals.

The Medical Grade Air Purifiers I’m going to tell you about can filter these toxins out.

Keep reading to see the difference between regular HEPA filters (like on most air filters or furnace filters) and a Medical Grade Air Purifier

The Difference Between a Medical Grade Air Purifier and a HEPA Filter: Very Important for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance

There is a huge difference between most Air Purifiers, Furnace Filters, and Medical Grade Air Purifiers.

It’s important to know what to look for so you are filtering out as many toxins as possible.

There is so much marketing and hype surrounding Air Purifiers too. This is why it took me so long to research air purifiers and decide on the best one.

You want to make sure you are getting a really good one if you have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance 

HEPA filters are the type of air filters most people use. You can get free-standing HEPA air purifiers. And you can get HEPA furnace filters.

A regular HEPA filter can trap particles and germs down to 0.3 microns. This includes germs, dust, and other allergens. This can include a lot of bacteria.

Viruses and many mold spores are smaller than bacteria, though. So, normal HEPA filters won’t usually be as effective for viruses or all types of mold spores, unfortunately.

However, Medical Grade Air Purifiers use Medical Grade HEPA. That removes even the tiniest of particles as small as 0.1 microns. That includes many viruses and even mold spores.

Medical Grade Air Purifiers have different stages of filtration. Not just one. This makes all the difference in how much they can filter.

Why This Air Purifier May be Your Best Option if you have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance

Keep reading for a special Austin Air discount
for Mast Cell 360 readers

I spent 2 years researching different types of air purifiers. I also used different models in my home to test them out.

There were so many factors involved in this research:

  • Does it filter mold spores?
  • Can it handle VOCs?
  • What about viruses and bacteria?
  • What about pollution?
  • Can it handle smoke from forest fires?
  • What is the warranty?
  • How good is the customer service?
  • What are the costs?

After a TON of reading, talking to experts, and charting out different models, I decided to go with Austin Air as the preferred Medical Grade Air Purifier I recommend in my practice.

Now, there are other good air purifiers, too. I’m not saying this is the only option.

Here is why I picked Austin Air.

First, there is no Wifi on these machines. This was a big part of my decision.

Some other popular air purifiers come with WIFI automatically turned on. But they don’t advertise this part. So unless you have an EMF detector, you might not know.

I had a few private clients who bought some of the other brand air purifiers. They kept getting worse after they got their air purifier unit.

It took months to figure out the WIFI in the unit was triggering inflammation. When I learned about this, I stopped recommending those brands. 

The Austin Air Systems work like this.

  • The first stage traps larger pollutants such as dust, hair and pet dander.
  • The second stage of filtration takes care of medium sized particles, such as mold, spores and pollen.
  • The third stage of filtration uses a unique blend of Activated Carbon, Potassium Iodide Impregnated Carbon and Zeolite. Making it highly effective at removing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, benzenes, chemicals, gases and odors.
  • The fourth stage uses Medical Grade HEPA. HEPA removes the tiniest of particles, as small as 0.1 microns. Many viruses fall into this category.
  • Backed by several clinical trials (more info here you can use:
  • Great customer service
  • Best warranty of all the medical grade air purifiers. Even their replacement filters have a warranty

Other benefits include:

  • Austin Air purifiers have a 360-degree intake system. This draws air into all sides of the unit. It cleans air faster and more efficiently.
  • Austin Air is made from solid steel and a non-toxic powder coated paint. That means no plastic, no polystyrene, no off gassing.
  • Reasonable Pricing for Medical Grade Air Purification
    (read below for how to get a discount)
  • Covered under many FSA and HSA with a note from your local medical provider (check your plan for coverage)
  • 15 lbs coconut/zeolite carbon blend in standard unit – helps life efficiency of filter and effectiveness

Information about the Austin Air Purifiers models I recommend for those with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance 

You want to make sure you get the right model for the space you have. If you have an open floor plan or are using it in a living area, get one of the standard size machines.

If you spend most of your time in a small, closed room you can get one of the Junior machines.

The Bedroom Machine is the one I recommend for those who are really ill or have breathing problems. It is the most powerful machine through Austin Air. It has a 5th filter that removes nano particles. It is excellent and top-rated in studies for:

  • Viruses and Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Dust and Pollen
  • Forest Fire Smoke
  • VOCs
  • Off gassing from furniture
  • Nitrogen Dioxide

The HealthMate Plus is the one I recommend most often. It is great for:

  • Viruses and Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Dust and Pollen
  • Forest Fire Smoke
  • Pollution
  • VOCs
  • Off gassing from furniture

The HealthMate is a great option for those on a tighter budget. It is great for:

  • Viruses and Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Dust and Pollen
  • Smoke
  • Pollution

Breathing clean air can make a huge difference in your health. It can make a huge difference in allergies and breathing. It can even really help with sleep and cognition.

Special Austin Air Pricing for Mast Cell 360 Readers in the US On Any Austin Air Unit or on Filters

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Everyone could use a discount! We worked out special pricing for you on Austin Air. It is just for our Mast Cell 360 readers.

But Austin Air won’t allow us to advertise it. And we can only offer this within the US.

So, if you are going to purchase a unit, you just have to email us for the discount. We’ll send you the pricing information and everything about the units.

You’ll also get the Letter of Medical Necessity you can take to your local medical provider to see if you can get HSA or FSA coverage. (HAS/FSA coverage depends on your plan.)

No catch. No surprises. We want to help you get what you need to recover.

Just contact us. And we’ll send you the info.

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How to get Special Pricing for those outside the US:

My other Air Purifier choice is IQ Air. They are a really good company too. And the Air Purifier is excellent.

The only reason they aren’t my first choice is that they only let me offer 5% off. So, the pricing is better for you on Austin Air if you go through us and are in the US.

But, if you are outside the US you can still get an excellent Air Purifier with a discount.

Here is how to get 5% off IQ Air if you are outside the US:

IQ Air Purification Units – (866) 488-1918

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