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Who Are We?

Mast Cell 360 is a strong and fast growing, world-class online health clinic and health platform with a mission to change the lives of those suffering with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome by addressing their root causes, so they can get their health and their lives back.

We are currently looking for Virtual Assistants who want to join a calling and a mission, not someone who is just looking for a paycheck.  We’re looking to make multiple hires, to help in both our clinical side as well as the public customer service side of our business.

This is a US-based, work-from-home position. Our team is currently 10 fantastic people strong and growing. We live, breathe, and sleep Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Histamine Intolerance, and solving the unique challenges our population faces.

This is our MANIFESTO – so you know how we think and work.

OUR MISSION – to change the lives of people falling through the cracks and suffering with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome by providing resources, services, and empowering them to regain their health and their lives, so our customers can fulfill THEIR own life missions.

THE PASSION FOR MAST CELL ACTIVATION SYNDROME – We are extremely passionate about serving those with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome who have been otherwise neglected, or who haven’t gotten the service they need to get better.

WHO WE SERVE We serve primarily women, but some men, with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Histamine Intolerance, Mold Toxicity and other related complex, chronic conditions, who are struggling and falling through the cracks in both traditional and alternative healthcare. We serve these Moms, CEOs, Inventors, Physicians, Nurses, Business Owners, Wives, Husbands, Children etc. to be their healthiest, best selves.

WORLD CLASS EDUCATION, INFORMATION, AND SUPPORT – we provide world-class, cutting-edge, science and fact-based education, information, and support to those struggling with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome with the spirit of providing compassionate, nurturing, leadership.

360° APPROACH – The MC360 Methodtm explores and addresses, from a root cause perspective, the various facets involved in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and related complex, chronic conditions:

  • Biochemical
  • Genetic
  • Structural
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Developmental
  • Energetic
  • Spiritual
  • Environmental, etc.

WE DON’T GREENWASH – We tell the honest, straight truth about products we support and promote, as well as the pros and cons, and who they may not work for. Honesty and integrity are key components in how we run our content and affiliate marketing.

COMPANY CULTURE – Our culture embraces Compassion, Integrity, Vulnerability, Transparency, Authenticity, Excellence, Compassion, Ethics in Content. We have regular, quarterly team retreat immersions into personal growth and awareness, emotional intelligence, and team building, utilizing the Enneagram and other tools to develop personally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 

TRUE TEAM COLLABORATION – Internally we are not just a business but a community-style team, and we have each other’s back so nothing falls between the cracks. If one person falls down, that person must be vulnerable enough to say I need help, and the person who can best help steps in. 

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – Everything is solvable, and everyone has personal responsibility for their own areas and the initiatives they lead to ensure the initiative is done from start to finish by following up on those involved. 

VALUE AND CARE FOR OUR TEAM MEMBERS: We also highly value our team members and ensuring the work environment is what they need to thrive as much as possible. We want Monday mornings to feel like adventure and excitement, not like a chore or burden. Benefits include:

  • Caring, supportive, fun, team-oriented environment
  • Paid time attending company personal growth/team growth and personal development workshops
  • Free access to our Mast Cell 360 courses
  • Free access to meditation and centering products and apps
  • Support with your health with one of our Mast Cell 360 practitioners, if desired
  • Company culture of centering and breathing when needed in meetings
  • Company culture of compassion, understanding, respect, and team connection

AFFILIATE PARTNERS – we only partner with companies who share our values (like these  above) and carry products that are clean, safe and effective for our customers. We use their products ourselves in our daily lives and or in the clinic

WALK THE WALK – we live, eat and breathe this lifestyle of health, compassion, and connection. This is why it never really feels like work.

FUN, REST, SELF-CARE – we believe in working hard and we also believe in self-care by being out in nature, centering meditative practices, eating good, clean food, laughing, hugging our loved ones, personal development, and having lots of fun.

Does this all speak to you?  Would you want to be a part of our team? Please only apply if this calls  to you and you’re interested and capable of having authentic, transparent, vulnerable, and compassionate team connections.

This role is crucial in our customer intimacy strategic anchor and will provide a challenging and exciting career opportunity for an experienced, dynamic and broadly skilled person who is ready to make a real contribution to the health and welfare of others.  

You must be adaptable, tenacious, and able to manage multiple tasks and priorities while fostering a productive, service-oriented culture. 

We love our clients and our team, so if you aren’t a people person, then this job is probably not for you. But if you are passionate about serving our clients and customers and driving our mission, then we are looking for you!

We are looking for someone who is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals; is highly collaborative; enjoys growing & nurturing a team and is looking to excel in a role where you are integral to expanding the business.


We all pitch in and help where help is needed, regardless of specific focus or position in the company.

Some things that may fall within the general VA role:

  • Filtering / sorting / answering emails and phone calls from clients, getting the question to the right person to handle the client’s inquiry.
  • Sorting/redirecting, or answering general support inquiries from customers and/or clients
  • Looking up details in our system(s) for peers who may need help with finding the right data.
  • Client follow-up regarding supplements, appointment scheduling and related details, and test kit / lab questions and answers
  • Helping practitioners source client data or other related information.
  • Editing and proofreading of documentation we make for public consumption
  • Documentation creation and management
  • Minor technical support (generally, helping customers with Master Class access and related issues)

In addition to that, we each also focus on at least one (and usually more) additional area of ‘specialty.’ This role will start as a “generalist” position and will likely specialize at some point. Our current virtual assistants fill these roles:

  • Clinic Manager
  • Supplement Coordinator
  • Client Care Coordinator
  • Test Kit Coordinator
  • Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Affiliate Manager (both Internal and External)
  • Prospect Review and Intake Coordinator

And we’re expanding in several of those roles!

General Skills

  • Natural logical thinker
  • Experience in integrative or functional health as patient or provider
  • Proactive in making suggestions and improvements
  • WordPress administrative use (ie making changes, not just navigating as a user)
  • Windows computer (not phone or tablet)
  • MS Office/Google Workspace knowledge

This should be you:

  • Insightful, kind, and empathic
  • Really enjoy working with people
  • Love having a sense of mission and purpose
  • 2+ years experience (3+ years preferred) in working remotely
  • Able to work with deadlines, be calm under pressure, and manage overwhelm
  • Flexible with moving targets when the unexpected happens (out of your control ie. team member who is sick or internet is down)
  • Very strong organizational skills (if your sock drawer is a mess this is probably the wrong position for you)
  • Previous customer service experience
  • Do what you say you will do (Believe your word is a contract)
  • Able to be vulnerable and share your truth (we believe this is a superpower!)
  • Strive to do the absolute best you can do each day
  • Have an eye for quality and always producing the best
  • A self-starter who can take sometimes vague instructions and help refine them into a specific goal
  • Based in US

Additional Benefits of Belonging to Our Team

  • Autonomy and influence 
  • Fast growing company
  • Variety of interesting activities 
  • Serving clients in the health field
  • Joining the cutting edge of a growing field
  • Environment that supports self-care
  • Access to numerous nervous system supports and personal growth supports
  • Quarterly workshops (often focused on aspects of the Enneagram for personal growth , team connection, and empathic intelligence)
  • Supportive, fun team environment
  • Semi-Monthly Team meetings usually start with guided centering/grounding practice


  • Commensurate with experience – We start at $19 and go up, from there


  • This role usually begins part-time with small projects and may develop into 20-35 hours/week. Working hours are negotiable, as long as you’re flexible and can coordinate with our team members and office hours.

Specific Requirements

  • Home office with dedicated work space, a modern computer, and a reliable, high-speed internet connection
  • Technical Requirements:
    • Windows 10 or Windows 11 based computer – Sorry, Macs don’t play well in our environment
    • Have an understanding and familiarity with Google Workspace, MS Office 365, DropBox, and/or other cloud-based services
    • Fluent in MS Word 2016/2019/365 (Excel, Word, and to a lesser degree, PowerPoint)
    • Comfortable with WordPress
    • Comfortable with Square
    • Understand what PHI is, why HIPAA is a good idea, and how to follow good personal and corporate security practices like using strong passwords and multifactor authentication, and engage in data security along with the entire team
    • You MUST be able to learn as necessary, to grow with us
  • Previous remote work experience essential
  • Previous telehealth / online business experience is desirable but not required
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
  • Ability to work remotely & autonomously, while engaging with a disparate team across the USA
  • Ability to work Monday through Friday within US time zones
    • Eastern or Central time zones preferred
    • Mountain time zone possible
    • Pacific is questionable but we will consider, for the right candidate
  • High-level problem-solving skills
  • A demonstrated ability to meet deadlines consistently
  • Exceptional attention to detail, and the ability to leverage that while also delivering on the overall “big picture”
  • Outstanding and proven communication and organizational skills
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English

Does everything above make you say YES?

Please click the button below to apply. We will contact qualified applicants for interviews.

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