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About the Company  

Founded and led by industry-leading expert and Functional Naturopath, Beth O’Hara, Mast Cell 360® exists to help people heal from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. We create educational resources and operate a fully virtual clinical practice. We’ve helped thousands of people find breakthrough results with Beth’s proprietary MC360™ Method that combines genetic analysis, functional naturopathy, and emotional wellness. We are a small, but mighty, team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about serving our customers and clients.

About the Position  

We’re currently looking for a Content Writer & Coordinator to join our growing team! The primary purpose of this role is to create research-based, SEO-optimized content for our blog and weekly Facebook Lives in close collaboration with our practitioners and marketing team. Knowledge of MCAS-related topics and the ability to interpret the latest research related to MCAS will be critical to success, as is the ability to write in alignment with the brand voice.  

This role is part-time (about 20 hours per week), work from home, and will be an independent 1099 contractor. While the majority of your hours will be spent researching and writing, you will need to regularly communicate with our team via email and Microsoft Teams. You’ll also need to attend several virtual meetings per week related to content planning. While you’ll have full autonomy over your schedule, please note that communications and meetings will occur during the company’s standard business hours of 9am-5pm ET so availability during those hours is important.  

Because of the confidential nature of our work, you’ll be required to sign a contractor agreement and non-disclosure agreement.

Your Top 5 Results to Create  

  1. Create weekly PowerPoint Presentations to be used for Facebook Lives
    1. Our founder currently hosts a weekly Facebook Live presentation where she teaches about MCAS and related concepts. You’ll collaborate closely with her and our other practitioners on planning the topics of these presentations, creating an outline for the presentation. Sometimes, the practitioners will provide research, and other times, you’ll be asked to find research. Once you have the outline for the presentation and the appropriate research, you’ll create the presentation. We have a standard PowerPoint template for these Facebook Lives that needs to be edited each week with new information for the upcoming topic.
  2. Write weekly SEO Optimized Blog Posts
    1. Once the weekly Facebook Live presentation has been given, you’ll use the initial research and recording of the presentations (which will have more in depth teaching from Beth) to develop a blog post. All blog posts need to have compelling headlines, be SEO-optimized, be research-based, be fact-checked (our practitioners will help with this), have a marketing call to action when appropriate, and be written in alignment with the voice of the brand.
    2. Some blog posts will be brand-new content that’s been covered on a Facebook Live presentation, and some will be republished from previous blog-posts that need SEO-optimization.
  3. Edit Emails for Voice
    1. Our marketing team regularly sends promotional and educational emails to our audience but will rely on you to review them for brand-voice alignment.
  4. Find & Review Scientific Research to inform writing process
    1. Sometimes our founder or other practitioners will provide research for a blog post or presentation that needs to be created and sometimes they will direct you to find research. You need to be comfortable with seeking out, reviewing, and interpreting scientific research that will inform your writing process. Familiarity with sites like Pub Med is required.
  5. Project Manage Content Deadlines & Deliverables
    1. Your success in this role will depend on your capabilities as a research-based, SEO-optimized writer. Secondarily, however, success in this role also depends on your ability to help coordinate content-related projects. This can include keeping track of deadlines, coordinating with different departments to get pieces of information needed to meet deadlines, attending content planning meetings, and doing some administrative tasks related to your writing process—like writing a Facebook caption to invite others to join the upcoming live presentation, sourcing an appropriate image for a blog post, and more.  


  • Must have availability to consistently work 20+ hours per week 
  • Must have availability to attend virtual meetings and communicate with the Mast Cell 360® Team during standard business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm US-Eastern time)
  • Must have significant topic mastery with demonstrated understanding of MCAS & related topics 
  • Must have previous success writing SEO-optimized blog posts 
  • Must have previous experience writing research-based blog posts  
  • Must have previous experience and ability to review complicated  scientific research to inform writing process  
  • Must be able to build PowerPoint Presentations from outlines/research  
  • Must have the ability to coordinate multiple content deadlines and administrative components related to those deadlines, collaborating with marketing teams and practitioners in the creative process  
  • Must have experience writing on behalf of other creators & mastering their voice/brand  
  • Must be proficient in the following tech platforms:
    • Microsoft 365 Applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint
    • Facebook posting  
    • WordPress Blog Posts & Formatting  
    • Keyword & SEO tools  
    • Canva

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