Detox and Dogs Q & A

This form is for submitting questions you have about mold detox and dogs. We know that dogs are heavily affected by mold.

The best of your submitted questions will be incorporated into a NEW SPECIAL BONUS module within the MC360TM Precision Mold Master Class!

The submission deadline for questions is Friday November 11th, 2022. The new module will be available to all purchasers (past and present) of the course by December 5th, 2022.

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Beth O'Hara, husband, and dogs

And you can submit your questions for the new Detox Your Dog Module here:

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    You’ve had some great questions, so I’m dedicating this Facebook Live to answering your questions on Mold and its relationship to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

    We’ve had great questions like:

    ✅Will my gut heal while I am still living in mold?

    ✅What are the best mycotoxin tests?

    ✅If you have SIFO or Candida overgrowth, is that the same as Mold Toxicity?

    ✅What’s the difference between Mold Toxicity and Mold Colonization?

    ✅What can I do to heal from Mold Toxicity?

    And I’m looking forward to more of your questions on Mold Toxicity this Friday!

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