MC360 Precision Mold Master Class (Basic)

Only $249.00


Breakthrough for those who are beginners wanting easy, basic steps
  • Top Recommendations for Mycotoxin Test Kits Revealed with Test Preparation Guide (specifically for those with Mast Cell Activation and Sensitivities)  *Tests not included.
  • 8 Step Mycotoxin Detox Guidebook PDF for people with Mast Cell Activation and Sensitivities  
  • Easy to follow Home Mold Testing checklist to save you time and money
  • MC360 Detailed instructions on the 3 Major Action Steps to take if you have trouble detoxing -   Don’t mess this up or it all can fail
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake that keeps mold growing inside you (it’s so common it makes me shudder)
  • MC360 Mycotoxin Binder Matrix and Onboarding Guidelines for those with Mast Cell Activation and Sensitivities   
  • Precision Mycotoxin Binders - 30-minute lecture and Research-Backed Binder Quicksheet Guide
  • IMPORTANT: Liver and Kidney Detox Protection Steps and lists of the best supplements I use in the practice
  • 10+ gentle ways to remove the mold growing inside - that even those with Mast Cell Activation and Sensitivities can tolerate
  • Role of Glutathione & Mycotoxins (when to use and when not to)
  • The Perfect time to Retest Plus the truth about false positives and negatives

Here is what you’ll discover in this Master Class:


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