A step-by-step roadmap that you can follow to rewire all 3 body areas the RIGHT WAY for your mast cells.

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Nervous System Reboot Course

Are you struggling to feel better?

  • Do you find yourself wishing you could make meaningful progress that lasts when it comes to your health?
  • Like you’re practicing nervous system techniques and taking supplements (or can’t tolerate any) and just can’t seem to make significant progress with your MCAS?
  • Like you’re eating well and yet, your gut health still seems to be a mess?
  • Does it seem like expensive protocol after protocol keeps failing you when it works for others? Like you’re doing all the right things and you’re still spinning your wheels?
  • Do you ever lie awake at night wondering if your practioner doesn’t know what to do or maybe you’re beginning to question how you will ever get better?

If so…you’re not alone.


I’ve been there, too, and have found a path forward.

So have hundreds of my clients.


You don’t have to stay stuck. I can help.

—Newly Updated—


In the updated edition of our best-selling course, I’ll share with you:

The #1 step that can change your life in a matter of weeks (months if sensitive)

The discovery that how your body is wired is 50% of the healing process!

3 specifics areas you need to rewire if you have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome:

  • Parasympathetic re-balancing
  • Vagal nerve signaling
  • Limbic system re-regulation

2 keys to calm your mast cells

  • Key #1: rewire all 3 areas at once
  • Key #2: using the right technique for each of the 3 areas

Create your clear plan using our reboot road map to reach your goals this year!

Years of accumulated knowledge and experience is shared in these top 6 mast cell nervous system reboot modalities including all tips, tools, and free resources.

… and more!

If you’ve ever wanted to ask me where to start, this is my answer — Learn from me in our best-selling master class on how to reboot your nervous system and calm your mast cells.

Calm your mast cells with this first step!

The Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot is designed to help you with this biggest missing piece in healing. So you can calm your mast cells.

Calming your mast cells can help you calm sensitivities. And can get you back to your family and back to doing what you love.

That’s it. This can be your story, too! It’s possible.

So, what’s included in the Master Class?

  • Step-by-step roadmap that you can follow to rewire all 3 body areas for MCAS
  • A Breathing technique you can do each morning to rewire your mast cells
  • 2 Flare interruption tricks you can use when your symptoms get triggered
  • Unique limbic and vagal nerve combo technique you can do in 10 minutes or less that can lower flare symptoms
  • The Deep Rewiring Method you can incorporate in just 10 minutes a day
  • The 4 steps I do everyday to make sure my mast cells stay calm and I can handle my busy day with more energy
  • The 4 types of yoga to never do and the 5 mast cell approved ones
  • The 3 breathing techniques you shouldn’t attempt until you’re mostly healed
  • The science that 99% of doctors don’t know about the parasympathetic, vagal nerve, and limbic wiring directly to mast cells


  • What to do if you are still having symptoms and nothing is working
  • 2 advanced action steps that turned the health around for so called “hopeless” cases
  • Recording of the Q&A from the live class including answers from the live class!
  • 5 Step by Step mast cell wiring reboot technique recordings — you can listen to anytime


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Nervous System Reboot Roadmap

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How much does it take to calm down Mast Cell Symptoms?

At this point, I have spent well over $250,000 learning how to support and address Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. And I have dedicated well over TEN THOUSAND hours figuring out what works and what doesn’t in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

My health journey was truly a nightmare. And if I dwell on that, it would be very depressing.

But if I would much rather use what I learned through that nightmare to help you.

My mission is to bring you the absolute BEST information on addressing and supporting your mast cells when you have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. If I can do that, then the struggles I went through were completely worth it.

That’s why it’s now my life mission and passion to get these critical, lifesaving steps out to as many people suffering with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome as possible.

When you are exhausted, hurting, and brain fogged, it’s easy to put your health off for another day. But when another day comes, your symptoms are even worse.

And when you are reacting to foods, smells, and supplements, it’s easy to become anxious and feel hopeless.

I don’t want you to procrastinate on this —I know first-hand how much money people spend to find answers. And I’m on a mission to help people with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome get answers for way less than it cost me.

So, you can get Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot Master Class for only $179!

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Case Study Results:

While results can’t be guaranteed for anyone, these are common results that I see with clients who follow the step by step roadmap I share in the Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot Roadmap and Master Class.

Case Study #1

“My life has changed to nearly normal.”- Joy E.

Her neurological inflammation, joint pain, and energy has massively improved. Plus her anxiety and agoraphobia are gone too. At first she noticed less mast cell reactions and that went away (and brain fog) within 8 months.

Case Study #2

Our daughter is healing! – Carol W.


As I type this, it’s hard to hold back the tears as I reflect on the journal I was keeping through her hardest moments. Each day with aches, pains, and fear of not being able to breathe. Our daughter was passing out with anaphylaxis and flat on her back from pain at one point in our journey, and today she is active and managing well with her family and friends.

While I have changed these clients’ names for privacy,

their results are VERY REAL and most importantly—they could be real for you, too!

What would be possible next year if you finally got unstuck and made more progress with your health than ever before?



  • Recording of the live 3-hour video class on Rebooting your Mast Cell-Nervous System wiring with Beth O’Hara, Functional Naturopath and Mast Cell | Histamine Specialist
  • Recording of the live Q&A including the Full text transcription (available for download)
  • 5 step by step mast cell wiring reboot recordings
  • 6 techniques that cost nothing that you will learn how to do during the class and can start immediately
  • 4 steps that I perform everyday
  • Mast cell nervous system quick lists

NORMALLY valued at $199

If you’re not happy,

just ask for your money back.


I have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can take your time and decide. I don’t want to keep your money if you’re not completely satisfied after taking the MASTER class and trying these modalities.

Act quickly! Special Offer expires soon.


I’m Beth.

And I spent years (and hundreds of thousands of dollars!) trying to get unstuck with my health.


I had numerous, painful, and horrible “mystery symptoms”, including debilitating pain, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, and anxiety. I tried many restrictive diets, saw a variety of specialists, and nothing seemed to help! In fact, I’d often invest in an expensive new suite of supplements from a new practitioner I was seeing only to have horrible reactions—things would get worse!


Like you, I began to lose hope.

Fast-forward to today, and I now have hope.


I have become a Functional Naturopath and Functional Genetic Analyst. I have a Doctorate in Naturopathy specializing in Functional Naturopathic Approaches and a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. I found my own root causes contributing to my MCAS and have been able to heal.


I can help you find your root causes, too. My proprietary three-part approach: The MC360 Method(TM) doesn’t just focus on one thing. It uniquely combines genetic analysis, functional naturopathy, and emotional wellness to help people get holistic, breakthrough results with their MCAS.


I’ve now helped more than 1,000 people who thought they could never get well find breakthrough results with their health and begin thriving!


Our clinic often has a wait list and while I wish I could see everyone 1:1, it’s simply not possible. That’s why I created courses like the Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot Master Class.


I would love to support and empower you to create a new vision for your health!


If you have any questions, reach out to our team at


I’ll see you inside the course,

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are steps and kinds of work that are beneficial for most, what each person finds helpful to fill those needs varies widely. It’s important that you know what types of supports you need! The Nervous System Reboot master class helps you understand and evaluate your unique nervous system. Working through the material gives you a personalized framework. Then, you can choose whatever tools resonate with you most according to your own budget. Together, we’ll work through 6 free practices to help you get started right away.  

  • Brand New Printable Bonus Guide to using the Nervous System Reboot Master Class and building your personalized Nervous System Roadmap 
  • Resource Page, with coupon codes and special offers 
  • Updates on the most current tools recommended to clients in our clinic 

The truth is, the world is so chaotic these days. And I’ve been seeing my clients have worse mast cell flare-ups because of it.

But, I’ve also seen the ones who applied themselves to rebooting their nervous systems in the RIGHT ways to calm their mast cell reactions down. And they’re also weathering all these changes in the world much better.

They are thinking clearer. And making better decisions. And showing up better as moms and dads, partners and friends.

While everyone else around them is falling apart. I want this for you too!

Yes, you could put this off for another day. But here’s the thing. This is step #1 in my Mast Cell 360 Root Cause Approach that my private clients do in my practice. It makes that big of a difference.

And here’s the other thing. It may seem counterintuitive. But these practices can help your symptoms and your thinking so much that you actually have more time in the day.This is because when you feel better you have more energy. And when you think better, you can get things done faster. So, I hope you don’t put this off. Because I want you to feel better, have more energy, and have even MORE time in your day because of this master class.

The sad reality is no, your doctor is very unlikely to know about even one of the things I’m going to teach you in this master class. But, if you are one of the lucky people who have a doctor who does know about breathing and meditation, I can almost guarantee they don’t know about all of these. And they won’t have the time to share the information I’m going to share with you in-depth in this master class.

The truth is, we have to take charge of our own health. And make sure we are addressing the 50% that 99% of doctors neglect – the Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot.

Yes! The material is updated and you’ll benefit if you’re already a client. We think you’ll find a lot of value in starting the year this way and it can help accelerate your healing, but it does not replace the customized, 1:1 clinic sessions with your practitioner.

Yes. This program is designed to be a fit for those with varying degrees of MCAS severity. It should help you identify and develop a plan to calm your mast cell and experience and reboot in your nervous system.

Yes, we offer a Risk-Free and Fully-Guaranteed for 30 Days. If you’re not happy, just ask for your money back. I have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can take your time and decide. I don’t want to keep your money if you’re not completely satisfied after listening to my master class. I have had excellent reviews for our courses, though, and we think everyone with MCAS will benefit.

The truth is, we have to take charge of our own health!

Let’s make sure we are addressing the 50% that 99% of doctors neglect.

Get started with the Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot Master Class.

Nervous System Reboot Course




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Participation and Commitment

As we mentioned, the Mast Cell 360 Program is a long-term program. Depending on your case, the duration of your work here may be anywhere from 1- 3 years. Are you willing to actively participate in follow-up appointments approximately every 6-12 weeks during that time, as needed?


We are a small clinic without an IT department. Are you comfortable with using computer-based technology (e.g., Excel, our Practice Better Client portal, Supplement Store and an on-line ordering system for labs).


Are you willing and able to embrace technology during your healing journey? 



Success with the Mast Cell 360 program relies on tracking how you are doing, in between appointments as well as keeping a journal of changes when you add new supplements, foods, or experience new stressors in your life. 

Are you willing to fill out a changes journal and progress report, that may include daily tracking?

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Mast Cell 360TM now uses an online Electronic Health Record to provide a better overall experience.