Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot Resources

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This resource page list links from the Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot course. There are many other resources in the course.

Missed the course? You can learn all about how, when, and why to use these resources when you take the course here.

Haywire Mast Cell Quiz 

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Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot Roadmap


Tier 1 Handouts and Recordings

You’ll find these in your Account under your Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot Course

Tier 2 Links

BrainTap– Access to library of hundreds of recordings for $30/month 

Please note, BrainTap had some technical challenges with their new app. It’s fixed for most devices, but there are a couple Android phones that still have trouble with the app. If you have trouble getting the app to work for you, please give them a couple weeks. They have apologized profusely for the challenges and assured us they’re adding several additional customer service agents so they can answer their support messages sooner. They expect to have all the technical challenges resolved soon. If you previously had the BrainTap app installed, you’ll need to uninstall the old app and reinstall the new app (the one with the orange fade to purple logo). 

EMF-free Ear Buds for BrainTap Audio Bundles 


Tier 3 Links

Brain Tap Headset – Choose a Brain Tap audio subscription above.
EMF Shielding Bandana Cloth for BrainTap Headset
*Safe and Sound Protocol 
*Mast Cell 360 private, adult clients – you can do Safe and Sound Protocol remotely through Mast Cell 360

Tier 4 Links

Find Upper Cervical Chiropractic Practitioners:


Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors

Blair Chiropractors

NUCCA Chiropractors

Find Osteopathic Craniosacral Physicians:

Biodynamic Osteopathic Craniosacral Physicians

Cranial Academy Osteopathic Craniosacral Physicians

Find a Frequency Specific Microcurrent Practitioner:

Frequency Specific

Frequencies That Mend