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We generally don’t recommend using Amazon for supplements due to known climate control and counterfeit issues that have resulted in supplements containing heavy metals and other toxins, with the exception of the few small company, very heat tolerant binder ones listed below. We’ve have multiple reported issues from our clients who tried getting vitamin and herbal supplements on Amazon that ended up being ineffective or contaminated.

Always work with your veterinarian. This is provided for informational and educational purposes. This information is not meant to be prescriptive for any pet, and these supports may not be tolerated or appropriate for everyone. It’s your responsibility to determine if these are appropriate for your pet. 

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International Shipping Options:

Here is an international shipping option you may want to consider for more affordable international shipping options from the United States.


If you use them, you of course, do so at your own risk, and you’ll need to know your countries’ laws and customs regarding shipping supplements. That said, a few of our clients have shipped supplements to their homes outside the United States using these services, and had a good experience. Always do your own research as we aren’t involved with these companies and we can’t be responsible for, or able to help with any issues you might encounter with shipments through them.

For those looking to order supplements internationally (excluding the UK), you may want to explore DSS (Use Registration Code: BO1171) .

Nervous System Support  

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Immune System Support and Nutrients 


Targeted Dog Safe Binders

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Liver/Kidney Supports

Low temperatures below 85 degrees for 5-10 minutes. DON’T use high heat sauna


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Dog Foods

Treats and Add Ins

Non Toxic Food Storage



Glyphosate Detox


Reduce Toxic Exposure

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Air Doctor

Air Doctor

AquaTru Water Purification

Concentrace Minerals


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