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Water Alarm

Water Alarms



humidity gauges

Humidity Gauges

Air Doctor Unit


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E3C Mold Removing Laundry Additive

EC3 Spray

EC3 Mold Solution Spray

EC3 candles

EC3 Candles

mattress layers

Organix Non-Toxic Mattress – Most Supportive

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Naturepedic mattress layers

Naturepedic Mattress

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Biobalance Haven Mist

Biobalance Haven Mist

Biobalance Haven Fog

Biobalance Haven Fog

Biobalance Haven Wipes

Biobalance Haven Wipes

Biobalance Haven Clean

Biobalance Haven Clean

Mold Testing

Immunolytics Mold Plates

Envirobiomics ERMI Mold Test

Mold Inspectors

(in person and remote options – we’ll continue to update this as other reliable options become available). We have had clients with good experiences with the mold inspectors below, however we can’t personally vouch for every person. Please do your own research. To avoid wasting a lot of money, it’s absolutely critical to be sure your mold remediation plan includes remediating the source of the mold. While fogging or enzyme products can be helpful as a part of a full mold remediation to improve air quality, beware any company that says they can remove mold primarily with these products.


Pierre Cajuste

Northeast – NY, PA, VT


Dan Howard

Western Pennsylvania

Un-Flood It

Brian Marra

Southwest Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh area

Environmental Analytics

Nationwide (in person) and remote (internationally):
Michael Schrantz


Jeff Bookout, Brandon Guthrie

Oklahoma and Colorado, Locally

Remote consults available worldwide

Kester Clear

Portland, Oregon

Dry Effect Restoration of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio

ISEAI's List of Indoor Environmental Professionals

Numerous locations – scroll down and look for the list of Indoor Environmental Professionals

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