Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro II

Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro II Review: Resonance for MCAS, Chronic Pain, and More

The Rezzimax® Pain Tuner Pro II has been one of my favorite new tools for nervous system health and pain relief!

If you have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) or Histamine Intolerance, you probably have pain. Or you might have pain from a previous injury or an illness. You might even suffer from widespread whole body pain.  

And, like me, you might also be looking for ways to break chronic pain cycles that support your body and your mast cells.

I wandered through the maze of chronic pain management for years. I was looking for ways to find relief as well as address my root causes, so I could be more comfortable.

In my search, I learned that the nervous system is at the heart of chronic pain. Using that knowledge has helped me find ways to lower my pain.

And, thanks to my chiropractor, I learned about the Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro II. This device helps tune out pain by tuning into and strengthening your nervous system. I also use it to help with lymph flow and gut motility!

In this post you’ll learn about:

  • Your nervous system’s role in chronic pain
  • Why it’s important to interrupt and reset it with MCAS
  • How resonance can help
  • Results with the Rezzimax® Pain Tuner Pro II

Let’s start with the vagus nerve.

It’s important you know that this blog post is for informational and educational purposes. It’s not meant to treat any health condition or to be prescriptive for anyone.  If you have any medical condition, it is critical you work under the care and guidance of a licensed medical provider. 

The Vagus Nerve Connection

Like many with MCAS, I have chronic pain. My neck and spine were also damaged in an accident, putting extra pressure on my vagus nerve. All of this contributes to chronic pain issues and nervous system dysregulation.

You’ve probably heard me talk about the vagus nerve before. It is an important part of your peripheral nervous system that connects your brain, heart, gut, and more.

The vagus nerve helps with:

  • Good digestion 
  • A regular heartbeat
  • Immune function
  • Gut-brain communication
  • And more

Improving your vagus nerve function and tone can be a useful way to improve all of this. But how does it help with pain? 

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To understand this let’s take a closer look at the connection between mast cells, your nervous system, and pain.

The Role of the Nervous System in Chronic Pain with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Your whole nervous system is a network that sends electrical signals throughout your entire body. And your body talks back.

These electrical signals are crucial for your well-being and function. They regulate everything from movement to organ function to keeping you healthy and safe.

Pain is just one type of signal. It lets you know something needs attention or warns you about potential danger, like when you get close to a fire.

But, for various reasons, pain signals can continue over time. For example, chronic illness or injuries can create ongoing pain. When this happens your brain and body can get stuck in a loop.

And this can increase the sensation of pain. Sometimes, that kind of pain can stay even when the reason for it is gone!

Either way, these chronic pain loops activate mast cells, which trigger your nervous system, creating more pain. Which activates more mast cells.

You can see how this is a problem.

The good news is that changing these signals can change your pain. Even chronic pain. 

Not only can shifting nervous system pain signals improve chronic pain, but it can help calm mast cells, too.

Mast cells communicate closely with your nervous system and are involved in many functions like: 

  • Immune function 
  • Healing wounds and repairing tissue
  • Helping to build connective tissues 
  • Balancing tissues and organs 
  • Supporting brain function 
  • Creating new brain cells
  • Pain signaling
  • And more

When nerve cells signal pain, that activates mast cells. 

So, when you calm your nervous system, your mast cells will get signals of safety instead. That can reduce pain and help with sensitives. 

There are many ways to help calm your nervous system with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. One way is by changing nervous system signals through vibration, or resonance.

Let’s look at how this can help calm your nervous system next. 

How Vibration Can Change the Nervous System 

A vibration is a rhythmic movement of molecules.

We can often hear vibrations because these back-and-forth movements create sound waves. And we can often feel them, too. You can hear and feel vibrations when you strum a guitar, for instance. 

The right vibration can help calm the human nervous system.

But not all vibrations are the same. They might get on our nerves like the “rat-a-tat-tat” of a jackhammer or sound like the pleasant, low hum of a purring cat.

And as we all know, the vibration from a jackhammer is very different than the vibration of a cat purring.

Let’s take a look at how this affects your nervous system next.

Rezzimax Pain Tuner PRO II: Resonance Matters 

You just read about vibrations. Resonance is a way that energy from vibrations work together.

Think of it like pushing a child on a swing. If you push at certain times, the swing stops. But if you push in coordination with the rhythm of the swing, it will go higher. That’s resonance.

A vibration at just the right frequency can resonate with other materials—even your body and nerve signals—to create change in ways that are helpful.

How a vibration resonates with your central nervous system and autonomic nervous system matters. It can have a big impact on how your body feels.

It can even relieve or disrupt pain signals to help take control again and reduce pain. And resonance can also help tone the vagus nerve. 

When your vagus nerve is in better shape, you function better.

You can learn more about how resonance rebalances the nervous system and relieves pain in my Facebook Live with Sharik Peck, the founder of Rezzimax.

In this Live we discuss:

  • How your nervous system signals pain
  • Causes of pain
  • How resonance helps rebalance and reset the nervous system
  • How tools like the Rezzimax® Pain Tuner Pro II can help
  • Ways to use vibration as a support when you are sensitive 

Lastly, let’s take a look at what I really love about using this device for myself and in my clinic.

Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro II for Chronic Pain and More

Rezzimax devices combine resonance with progressive stress-management techniques to help relieve chronic pain. 

I originally started using my Rezzimax® Pain Tuner Pro II for pain, but quickly discovered it can be helpful for so much more.

I also use it for glymphatic drainage (brain health), improving lymph movement, and gut function, too. And I’m discovering new ways to use it all the time.

I was so impressed with my results that I now recommend the Rezzimax to clients. And they love this new tuner as much as I do.

The Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro II has different attachments for different types of pain and trigger points. It also has different settings with levels of intensity for different sensitivity needs.

Note: I recommend the Pain Tuner Pro II over the Pain Tuner Mini for sensitive people.

The Rezzimax® Pain Tuner Pro II is made in the USA and assists with chronic pain from:

  • Injury
  • Ligament damage
  • TMJ or other jaw pain
  • TMD
  • Sinus pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Muscle spasms
  • Neuropathy
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain
  • And much more

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There are “Rezzipes” for different areas of the body in the guide above, too. Most people do best starting slow and working up to them.

I’ve loved using the Pain Tuner Pro II and have seen exciting results in the clinic! So, I am excited to share this option for pain relief and nervous system support with you. 

I have a coupon code for you as well! Use MASTCELL360 for $75 off.

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Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro II

Have you tried the Rezzimax® Pain Tuner Pro II? Tell us your favorite way to use it in the comments below!

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