What’s your Haywire Mast Cell score? Take our free new Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Quiz

If you have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, have you ever wondered just how Mast Cell sensitive are you?

Do you have just Mild Mast Cell Activation or Extra Haywire Mast Cells?

I know when I was sick and completely frustrated, I thought I was the only one dealing with the weird things I had going on.

Even my doctors made me feel like no one else was sensitive like me.

I wished so badly I could find out just how normal or weird my symptoms were compared to other people with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

And so now that we have over 10,000 people in the community, I feel it’s a great time to do a big survey and find out!

See, a whole lot of doctors don’t believe that people can have Mast Cells and bodies as sensitive (Haywire) as yours might be. Or as mine were. Or as sensitive as most the people in my practice are.

Have you been told it’s all in your head? Or it’s impossible to be that sensitive?

That’s a big reason why I’m hoping you’ll join me for this survey. So, we can show that we’re not alone. And you can see how common your Haywire Mast Cell symptoms are.

You’ll get to learn about yourself. And help us see just how many people have Extra Haywire Mast Cells.

I won’t share any personal data (it’s all private and anonymous).

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I bet you feel like a zebra like most of my clients…Most sensitive people do.

So, part of this quiz is finding out just how sensitive and Mast Cell Haywire are you — compared to the most sensitive people with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome out there in our community.

Thanks for taking part and I bet you’ll learn something about yourself.


Mast Cell 360 Haywire Mast Cell Survey Scoring

Here’s the Haywire Mast Cell scoring guide where you can see how your score stacks up:

If you answered yes to 4 or fewer questions, then you have Mildly Haywire Mast Cells.

Your mast cells are Mildly Haywire.  You may need some light Mast Cell Nervous System Rebooting to recover.


If you answered yes to 5-10 questions, then you have Moderately Haywire Mast Cells. 

Your mast cells are Moderately Haywire. You could definitely benefit from some Mast Cell Nervous System Rebooting to recover.


If you answered yes to 11-14 questions, then you have Strongly Haywire Mast Cells.  

Your Mast Cells are Strongly Haywire and are really blocking your healing!  You will need to Reboot your Mast Cell Nervous System to recover. But you CAN get unstuck and get on with your healing! 


If you answered yes to 15-20 questions, then you have Severely Haywire Mast Cells.  

Your Mast Cells are Severely Haywire and are majorly blocking your healing!  You will need to do a major Reboot of your Mast Cell Nervous System to recover. But you CAN get unstuck and get on with your healing!  

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Are you the most sensitive and haywire canary in our mast cell coal mine?

Or are you just mildly Mast Cell Haywire?

I’m about to tell more about all of that but before I do…

In case you were wondering, back in 2010, I was at my sickest point. I was reacting badly to even a tiny sprinkle of quercetin. And I was down to 10 foods, if you didn’t count seasonings.

My Haywire Mast Cell score would have been 19 back then! That’s out of 20 maximum possible points!

I was almost the highest score possible. 

And I share that because I want you to know if you’re high like me… 

If you ended up in one of the really Haywire group… There’s plenty of hope for you too!

My score today is much, much lower thanks to the Mast Cell work I’ve done. And I see my clients get much better as well. It just takes time and the right supports done in the right order at the right time.

So, let’s look at how you stack up to the rest of the community.

Here’s the Mast Cell Haywire Results:

Mast Cell Haywire Results

As you can see most of our community answered yes to 11 questions or more.

And out of all the people who took it so far – 81% were what I would call significantly mast cell haywire…Even I thought most people in our community would score between 5 to 10 – in the Moderately Haywire Mast Cells category.

But most people scored 11 or above! In the Strongly or Severely Haywire Mast Cell Category!

Let’s talk about what this means.

1,548 respondents took the survey when these numbers were compiled.

Anyone who scores fewer than 4 might get away with doing Mast Cell Nervous System Rewiring later. Or they might be able to do some gentle yoga and breathing to get this handled.

Anyone who scores 4 or more has to do more sophisticated Mast Cell Nervous System Rebooting. And this is 99% of our community. 

And that means that for them to heal…

For them to get more foods back on board and take the supplement they need for Mast Cell healing…

They need to start with the #1 step for Mast Cell Healing. 

And unfortunately, It’s the most overlooked and under recognized issue most likely affecting you…

Because most doctors don’t even believe we can be this sensitive to foods and supplements and medications.

And here’s the thing – it might sound odd… 

But this #1 thing It doesn’t come from a pill bottle or from the grocery store…

But in fewer than 20 to 30 minutes a day… and after just a few weeks for most – you WILL feel different following these Mast Cell Nervous System Rebooting Steps.

I know because I advise people just like you every day in my clinic.

And this is the #1 KEY. 

It doesn’t’ matter how many supplements or tests or doctors you’ve seen.

What matters is …are you willing to take 20 to 30 minutes a day to get rid of Haywire Mast Cells?

Are you willing to take care of your Mast Cells so you can eat more foods? So you can take the supplements you need? So you get to enjoy holiday meals? So you can enjoy your life again?

Because those who do this work… on average get better five times faster. I’ve seen it again and again. Both in myself, but also in hundreds and hundreds of people.


Imagine 12 months from now…

You are eating in a restaurant sitting outside by the water, a delicious meal that has a few medium histamine foods.  You don’t even care… 

Because you know you’ll be just fine. 

And then you reach in your pocket and take your Mast Cell supporting supplements –swallowing all of them at once without fear that they might make you react…

In fact, you smile knowing you are taking exactly what you need to keep getting healthier. Day by day…

And then finally at the end of your meal you take your time. Pondering a couple bites of a medium histamine dessert or maybe having a few sips of wine… 

Enjoying the company and restaurant…

All of that and more is possible if you get rid of a Mast Cell Haywire body…

I know, because this is what my life is like now. And what Nora’s Life is like now. Nora is a client of mine who could barely leave her house because of how sick she was. She was down to 15 foods. She couldn’t take any supplements.

So, we got to work on rewiring her Haywire Mast Cells. She followed the steps I recommended. And it took her about 20 to 30 minutes a day. She was really sick. And this meant she had to work these steps for a while longer than others – about 3 months.

But then I had tears in my eyes when I read the email she sent me. She’d gotten well enough to not only get out of her house, but to go to her son’s wedding in Chicago.

And she was even able to eat some of the food at the reception! She was beyond the moon because when I met her, she didn’t think she’d even get to be there when he got married.

But if you don’t do this… it could be 24 months… 36 months or even 10 years like me (who took all the wrong turns) before you ever have an experience like this…

Now I don’t want that for you and in fact I hope it happens in 6 months or fewer…

But it is possible!

That is if you start working on the healing steps I’m going to give you in the Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot.

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  1. Rebecca Bryant

    Tried to complete mast cell quiz. Was unable to access. Please advise.

    1. Suz, Mast Cell 360 Team

      Hi Rebecca,
      I’m able to access it so I’m not sure what might be happening. If you want to provide me with more details, I might be better able to troubleshoot for you. In the meantime, you can try this link: https://us17.list-manage.com/survey?u=03c9be76e6b316dc4528896b7&id=7c7edbc9a8

      You do have to answer each of the questions or it won’t direct you to the results page. I did just try that and accidentally omitted one. So the page did not direct me elsewhere when I clicked show me results.
      If that happens for you, just scroll back up and look for the one that you may have missed.

      I hope this helps, but if you are still having trouble, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can also use the contact tab on the website to get directed to us via email.


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