What to do when Supplements are Sold Out during COVID-19

What to do when Supplements are Sold Out

At this time, we are now opening our DSS supplement dispensary to our entire community. This dispensary is normally only available to private clients. This will provide another source for quality supplements. DSS also ships internationally.

Here is how to set up an account with the DSS Supplement Dispensary:

Go to: www.DSSOrders.com/BethOHara

Click Register

Use Registration Code: BO1171

We have an additional supplement dispensary available for the UK and EU we can open for readers in these areas. To get access to this dispensary, we have to add you individually. You can email us here and let us know you need help getting supplements in the UK or the EU. We will add you to that dispensary. You’ll receive an invitation email from Amrita Nutrition – you’ll need to check your inbox after you are added.

For Private clients:

We are processing your orders as fast as possible. Let us know if you need anything. You already get the dispensary best pricing through us. You don’t need to open an account. We aren’t certain, but we think the orders we’re placing are getting shipped a little faster.

If you want to discuss your protocol and customizing supports for your individual situation (mast cell activation,. salicylates, etc), please call Vicki to schedule a 25 minute appointment. I’ve extended hours, and we have some new availabilities now for this week and forward.

Test kits are still being run and can still easily be processed. Please continue to be proactive in your health by moving forward with your health plan! We want you to be as healthy as possible during this time.

We will continue to be here for you and be a source for reliable, clear information regarding Mast Cell Activation Syndrome | Histamine Intolerance. We’ll be emailing out updates regularly.

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