Healthy Gift Ideas for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance

Healthy Gift Ideas for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance

A few years ago, a dear friend and I decided to exchange gifts for the holidays.  

She had reached out saying she had a surprise gift for me. She was so excited to give it to me! 

And I’d recently picked up something for her from a local artist. 

We met at my house for the gift exchange. 

Her face was beaming as she handed me a present nestled in layers of blue, white, and gold tissue paper.

She’d gone to a high-end beauty store and got me some luscious, scented soaps and lotions. 

She reached over and opened the bottle of lotion for me to smell.  

She told me she knew I’d been having a lot of hard days. She thought this self-care package would lift my spirits. 

And she knew I had sensitivities, so she chose what she thought was the most natural and gentle scent – vanilla. 

She had no idea I was so sick that any artificial fragrance triggered a reaction. 

Once she opened that bottle of lotion, she watched me go from fun-loving to frail in a matter of minutes. 

And it was because of all the sensitivities I’d developed from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and Mold Toxicity. 

Have you ever gotten a gift that made you feel sick, too? 
And are your loved ones stumped when it comes to getting you a gift? 
But first, here’s what I learned about friendship and what happened after I got sick right in front of my friend’s eyes! 

The Rest of the Healthy Gift Idea Story

As soon as I opened that bottle of lotion, a migraine started coming on. 

The smell of the soaps hit me like a brick, too.  

I tried to smile and say thanks.  

No words came. My face went blank.  

The brain fog had already set in. Yes, that quickly!  

I could see her confusion. 

I felt sad and embarrassed. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings or seem unappreciative. 

Next thing I knew, I was ugly crying. Then she was crying. It was all so awkward! 

Then I just blurted out everything about how sick I had become. About how everything seemed to trigger a reaction in my body. About how even that small smell of artificial fragrance was giving me a migraine. 

I told her how sad I was about being sick. And how sad I was that I wouldn’t be able to use the gift she had put so much thought into.  

When we calmed down, to my surprise, she said she was relieved I told her all that!

She didn’t know what happened to make me so upset. And so she didn’t know how to react or what to do. 

She immediately whisked away the scented products. 

When she returned, she said, “I really want to get you something you’ll be able to use. What if you gave me a list of healthy gift ideas to keep on hand for special occasions? That way you’ll get something you can enjoy, and I don’t have to worry about making you sick?”  

It was a moment where I felt really loved and understood. 

A Deeper Friendship 

I thought hiding the extent of my illness would spare my friends. But it just left them confused. 

But now I know that true friendship can handle even those kinds of difficult details. 

So, next you’ll read about some of the mast cell friendly gifts you can share on your wish list.

But the real takeaway is knowing that your friends and family truly care about you.  

They know that in times of sickness, little things can do a lot to make you feel seen. 

And if you are lucky like me, your friendships will be even stronger because you’ll have a deeper understanding of each other. 

And hopefully you’ll be spared those awkward ugly cry moments! 

Healthy Gift Ideas for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance  

Sometimes, those who buy gifts for you will come right out and ask for a wish list.  

But you might feel embarrassed to give a wish list if you weren’t asked. 

Here’s what you should know, though. 

Sharing a list for your loved ones to pick from is a service to them. It alleviates stress and keeps them from wasting money. 

Sharing this gift guide takes the guess work out of gift giving!  

Remember, we all want to give good gifts that are useful and make the recipient feel valued. It feels good to give something to a loved one that they’ll cherish. 

These goodies are unique gift ideas that you’ll actually be able to use. It’s also great gift inspiration for birthdays and other celebrations. 

You can use this list for your general holiday gift buying, too! 

Even if you are buying for those without sensitivities, you can feel good knowing you’re supporting your family and friends with non-toxic gifts they’ll be sure to use. 

Use these buttons to jump to the category that appeals to you the most!  

I’ve even included healthy food gift ideas! Let’s start there.   

Buy one or buy a bunch to make your own healthy gift basket.  

Healthy Food Gift Ideas for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome  

I am a total foodie. That’s why I love to share all my low histamine recipes with you! (Along with low oxalate, low lectin, low FODMAP, and low salicylate.)  

I also love receiving food gifts.

It’s always a treat when you don’t have to make meals and snacks for yourself.  

But with Histamine Intolerance or MCAS, the typical dried fruit and nut mixes or other similar holiday gift snacks are a no-no. 

Not to worry. Here’s what works well as healthy food gifts instead. 

The most important things to consider with gifts for someone with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome are that they be: 

  • low histamine 
  • non-toxic 
  • free of mast cell triggering ingredients 

If your loved one has Oxalate Intolerance, Lectin Intolerance, Salicylate Intolerance, or if they struggle with FODMAPs, I’ve included notes to let you know what the best options are.  

Not sure exactly what your loved one needs? Just ask!  

I would be so touched if someone said to me, “Hey, I know you have a lot of sensitivities. Can you let me know what they are? I’d really like to be able to get you a gift this year that you’ll be able to enjoy.” 

It really can be as simple as that! 

These unique gift ideas for foodies are all organic and non-GMO. 

Let’s start with some special beverages. 

Lowest Histamine Coffee

If your loved one is a coffee drinker with Histamine Intolerance or MCAS, not just any coffee will do. 

You want a delicious coffee selected both for taste and health benefits, like high antioxidants. 

However, almost all coffee is high histamine. And it’s often contaminated with mold. Both of these factors can make people with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance sick. 

For years, I really missed drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. 

I loved the rich, nuttiness of a full-bodied coffee. And I loved the time I’d set aside to drink it each morning. It was part of how I set my intentions for the day. 

So after all that time of going without coffee, I was delighted when I found Purity Coffee. It’s the best coffee out there for anyone with MCAS or Histamine Intolerance. 

If your loved one likes to grind his or her own coffee, you can get them bags of coffee beans. 

I do like to grind my own beans. There is nothing like the smell of fresh ground coffee! 

But I’m really liking the Pocket Purity, too. Some mornings when I’m short on time, it’s the perfect solution. Pocket Purity is like a tea bag, but for coffee. Quick and easy! And no messy grounds to clean up! 

>>> Use Coupon Code MASTCELL360 to get 20% off Mold-free, Low Histamine Purity Coffee! 

Use the link above with coupon code MASTCELL360 for 20% off!

Purity Coffee is: 

  • Low histamine 
  • Chemical free 
  • Mold toxin free 
  • Also available in 99.9% decaf (what I use) 
  • Absolutely delicious 

Purity Coffee is a wonderful gift basket idea to include in a care package for any coffee lover.  

Lower Histamine Wine

Dry Farm Wines

For those who are further along in their health journey, you might want to treat them to some enticing wines. 

With Histamine Intolerance and MCAS, we try to stay away from alcohol for the most part. 

But sometimes we like a celebratory drink with friends and family. 

If you are considering wine for that special someone in your life, just be sure they are at a point where they can tolerate a little bit of alcohol on special occasions. 

If so, check out these wines from Dry Farm Wines. This company is unique in that they offer high quality, organically grown, lower histamine wine.  

Their wine offerings are also:  

  • Vegan 
  • Sugar free 
  • Free of toxic additives 
  • Lower in sulfites 

Cheers to that! 

Dry Farm Wines are also a great option for anyone who is on a paleo or keto diet. You can learn more about lower histamine wines in this post.

They have robust reds, crisp whites, and celebratory sparkling wines to choose from. 

You can choose a gift box of 3, 6, or 12 bottles. They even have subscriptions if you want to give a gift that keeps on giving all year round. 

Whether your loved one is celebrating at home over a holiday meal or out attending a festive party, they’ll be able to join in the celebrations with a nice variety of lower histamine wines.  

>>> Use my link to get your 7th bottle for a penny!

Best Healthy Food Gift  

Most people with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance can’t eat the typical holiday baked goods like sugar cookies, fruit cake, and pies.  

But that doesn’t mean you have to skip the special treats for them! 

Here are some superfoods that will feel like a special indulgence to any one. They’ll work for those with MCAS or Histamine Intolerance. 

Or do you have a health nut friend? These treats also work for any of your health-conscious friends who need gluten-free, paleo, or keto gifts. 

Combine any of these nuts, seeds, and other specialty items to make a one-of-a-kind, delicious, healthy snack box. 

Any of these yummy treats would work as a stocking stuffer or in a gift box. I’ve included a description of what food intolerances they are good for:  

  • Flax Seeds – good for Histamine Intolerance, Oxalate Intolerance, and Lectin Intolerance  
  • Macadamias – good for Histamine Intolerance, Oxalate Intolerance, and Lectin Intolerance 
  • Pistachios – good for Histamine Intolerance and Lectin Intolerance 
  • Pecans – good for Histamine Intolerance, Salicylate Intolerance, and Lectin Intolerance 
  • Coconut Flour – good for Histamine Intolerance, Oxalate Intolerance, and Lectin Intolerance 
  • Hemp Protein Powder – good for Histamine Intolerance and Lectin Intolerance 
  • Pumpkin Seeds – good for Histamine Intolerance and Oxalate Intolerance 
  • Sunflower Seeds – good for Histamine Intolerance, Salicylate Intolerance, and Oxalate Intolerance 

You could use any of these nuts as part of a delicious, healthy snack box.  

Healthy Food Gift Cards 

north star bison gift card

If you need to ship a gift because you can’t deliver it yourself, consider sending a holiday gift card. 

I really like the gift certificate option. It allows the recipient to choose exactly what they want.

And it gives them something to look forward to once the holiday excitement winds down. 

If your loved one has MCAS and/or Histamine Intolerance, consider gifting them the peace of mind that their food is low histamine. 

And when it comes to low histamine meat and seafood, you’ll also want to look for: 

  • Grass-fed 
  • Pasture-raised 
  • Chemical and hormone free  
  • Wild-caught   

The simplest way to spoil your loved one is with a Northstar BisonGift Certificate from $25-$500.    

These low histamine meats are also:  

  • Low oxalate  
  • Low lectin  
  • Low salicylate  
  • Low FODMAP  

They test their meats for histamine and all non-aged meats came back at negligible histamine levels. 

So, even our most sensitive community members have tolerated their meats very well. 

Not sure what to get? NorthStar offers sampler packs.  
Already know what your loved one likes? They have subscriptions for a gift that gives throughout the year. 

You can also buy a box of low histamine meats and get it shipped right to your loved one’s door. It ships frozen to keep it low histamine.

>>> Use coupon code MASTCELL360 for 10% all low histamine meats!

Those ideas should cover supporting your friends and family members with low histamine, healthy eating. 

Next up are some holiday gift ideas for beauty and self-care spa days at home.  

Non-Toxic Beauty Skin and Body Care  

Many traditional holiday gift baskets include scented body sprays and lotions.  

However, most artificially scented personal care products are bad news for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Histamine Intolerance.  

When I had that awkward gift exchange with my dear friend, it was because her well-intentioned set of body care products sent me into a mast cell flare. 

She didn’t know that artificial fragrances are a common migraine flare trigger. 

But now you do! So you’ll want to skip the typical bath and body gift boxes for anyone with MCAS. 

But don’t be fooled by “all-natural” skincare products either!  

You might be surprised to learn that most “all-natural” skincare products can be problematic, too. That’s because they can: 

  • Develop mold 
  • Have hidden toxins  
  • Be ineffective  

Finding safe skincare can feel overwhelming because of toxic ingredients, fatigue, and just trying to do all this research. You can shortcut that for your loved one and help them feel special again with these healthy gift ideas. 

You see, having any kind of chronic condition means you already have to spend a lot of time on your health. 

Skincare and beauty often aren’t prioritized. Many women and men have told me they don’t feel attractive anymore. 

So, check out these beauty products and create a unique gift basket tailored to your loved one’s needs. Give them the gift of self-care they could really use. 

Here are my favorite nontoxic products that tend to work well for those with sensitivities. 

Primal Life Organics

Primal Life Organics Body Butter

Primal Life Organics has a huge line of all-natural beauty products that are generally well-tolerated by those with MCAS or HIT.  

These products were developed to be: 

  • Mold free 
  • Toxin free 
  • Highly effective 
  • Truly luxurious 

Primal Life Organics has all kinds of options.  

They’ve got everyday favorites you can pair with fun new products to create a unique gift basket. 

Your loved one will enjoy trying new products that smell great without setting off a reaction! 

Here are some of my favorites: 

Primal Life Organics Dry Shampoo

Many with MCAS also struggle with fatigue. Even regular daily activities like taking a shower can zap energy. 

Using dry shampoo is one of my favorite short cuts. But I struggled to find a product that wouldn’t make me break out into hives or give me a headache. This one works well for me and many in our community. 

primal life organics dry shampoo

Primal Life Organics Unscented Body Butter

Primal Life has a body butter that is rich in Vitamin E, which is great for moisturizing. This body butter is chemical and alcohol free and certified organic. 

Primal Life Organics Carrot Seed Elixir

This is good for balancing skin and boosting the complexion. Carrot seed oil is known to have skin-mending, collagen-boosting and moisturizing properties. It contains vitamins A, C, and E which help brighten skin and reduce inflammation. 

carrot seed cleanser

These make great stocking stuffers, too. 

If you’re shopping around on the site, check the ingredients and just avoid the ones with:  

  • Clove 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Citrus oils 

Note: May not work for those with Salicylate Intolerance.

Ann Marie Skincare Bundles  

If you’re short on time, but want to spoil your friends or family, I’ve curated these beauty gift sets to make gift giving easy.  

I personally picked all the products in these two kits. Each product has only ingredients safe for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance.  

The first kit is the Basic Skin Care Bundle. 

Beth using AnnMarie facial

It includes all your loved one needs for a pampering facial at home. 

You’ll get the Ayurvedic Facial Scrub, Neroli Toning Mist, Coconut Honey Mask and Herbal Facial Oil. 

And it’s 10% off when you get it as a bundle!  

>>> Get the Basic Skin Care Favorites Bundle at 10% off 

The next kit is the Ultimate Skin Care Bundle. It includes everything above PLUS:   

  • Ayurvedic Facial Scrub  
  • Neroli Toning Mist   
  • Coconut Honey Mask  
  • Herbal Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin  
  • All 3 Concentrated Boosting Elixirs: Brighten, Hydrate, and Revitalize  
  • Gua Sha Lifting Tool  
  • Sun Love   

>>> Save even more $$ with the Ultimate Skin Care Favorites Bundle at 20% off 

Note: May not work for Salicylate Intolerance. But if your loved one has Salicylate Intolerance, check out Cleure that specializes in salicylate-free skincare for some options!    

You just read that some of the Ann Marie products may not be suitable if your loved one has Salicylate Intolerance. 

But you can still spoil them with a gift of self-care. Read about this unique gift next.  

Walkabout Emu Oil

Emu Oil is one of my favorite moisturizers. The one I like is from Walkabout 

When I first started using it, I noticed softer, smoother skin after just a couple days! 

It’s rich in vitamin K2 which makes it incredibly nourishing.  

And it’s suitable for those with Salicylate Intolerance. 

>>> Check out Emu Oil Here  

Wellnesse Deodorant 

Wellness Deodorant

You might be thinking that deodorant is a strange gift! But add this to a self-care gift basket, and I think it will be a hit! 

See, finding a natural deodorant that is long lasting is really tough. 

And the scents of a lot of natural deodorants can be pungent. Not what you really want in a product that is supposed to reduce odor! 

Wellnesse deodorant is both long lasting and nicely scented. 

Note: May not be good for those who struggle with essential oils. 

It’s scent is subtle and comes from palo santo essential oil. It’s kind of woody, yet sweet.  

>>> Use Coupon Code MASTCELL360 to get 10% off Wellnesse Deodorant 

Next, I want to highlight essential oils because they are so versatile.  

Essential Oils  

I remember the first time I smelled a really high-quality essential oil. I had gone to a presentation on how to use essential oils. 

I was curious about essential oils. But I was skeptical. I wanted to learn more. 

But that day, I woke up with a major headache. You know the kind of headache that just clouds everything? 

Still, I went to the presentation. 

A lot of claims were being made about all the benefits of these essential oils. 

I was still suspicious and skeptical. 

At one point, a high-quality Frankincense was passed around. I held it up to my nose and inhaled the aroma. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that with one good sniff, my headache went away. It was so dramatic. I was then hooked and wanted to find out more. 

I had tried several other types of essential oils before. They never did much for me, honestly. That’s why I was so skeptical. 

This high-quality Frankincense, though, was vastly different than the store-bought essentials oils I’d tried. 

You can get cheap oils at any chain store nowadays. But they are usually mixed with other, lesser quality ingredients. 

What does this mean for you and your loved one? 

With cheap oils you aren’t really getting your money’s worth. And added ingredients may trigger a reaction for those with sensitivities.  

That’s why you want to look for pure essential oils.  

Many people with Histamine Intolerance or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome can tolerate essential oil brands that are purely oil.  

Some of the best brands I’ve found are Rocky Mountain Oils and Vibrant Blue Oils.  

These are some top, sure-bet picks for those with MCAS who do well with Essential Oils:  

If you aren’t sure what your loved one can tolerate, stick with one of the above single oils. 

But if your loved one isn’t super sensitive, these health boosting essential oils blends are fabulous. 

They are usually well tolerated by our community except for those who are the very most sensitive. 

These different blends offer different benefits. Pick the one that best fits what your friends or family need:  

Learn more about the health benefits of essential oils for sensitive people in this post: Must Have Essential Oils for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance

And to make your gift extra special, you might consider gifting essential oils with a beautiful glass essential oil diffuser like this one.

Glass is a great choice to reduce exposure to microplastics which can be a trigger for those with MCAS. Plus, this one doesn’t use water which eliminates the risk of mold growing in it.  

Best Kids Healthy Gift Idea

I had a lot of health issues as a kid. 

And the foods I ate definitely played a part in that. 

Of course, I didn’t know about Histamine Intolerance back then or I wouldn’t have eaten so many green beans or tomatoes. 

But in my house, we ate a lot of packaged foods, too. 

It never occurred to me that I might be able to cook better foods for myself. 

That’s why the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse caught my eye.  

We’ve got a few busy moms on the Mast Cell 360 team and in the practice. 

Some of them gave the course a try so they could help their kids learn to make healthy choices. 

What they appreciated most about the course is that it teaches the next generation important life skills.  

The focus of the lessons is more on cooking skills than recipes. So it’s easier to adapt to any food needs.  

Some of the recipes are high histamine, but you can use my Low Histamine Foods List for MCAS and Histamine Intolerance to make swaps.

For example, there’s a lesson on how to spread peanut butter on a piece of bread. But you can use Sunflower Butter on a Coconut Wrap instead.

I wish I had this course as a kid!  

When I’ve asked my friends what I can buy for their kids, the most popular answer I get is to buy them experiences instead of things.  

Experiences like learning how to cook are invaluable and even better…clutter free!   

The next time you need a gift for a kid, consider the gift of learning how to cook.  There’s 3 levels for ages 2-teen!

>>> Check out the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse here

For your own kids, check out the free lesson here on knife skills!

More Healthy Gift Ideas for Relaxation  

Give the gift of relaxation with these wellness gifts! 

Supporting mental health and relieving stress go a long way toward better health.   

Your loved one will use these thoughtful healthy gift ideas year-round. 

Gupta Program

the Gupta Program logo

You can help your loved one get a jump start on healing with this gift! 

I have my private clients start the Gupta program in the first phase of my Mast Cell 360 Method. This is Step #1. And your loved one can get started with it at home. 

If I’d had the Gupta Program 20 years ago, I would have moved forward with my health so much faster. 

It’s a gentle program that guides you through meditations. But this program is more than just a relaxation tool. 

It actually helps retrain your brain. 

When you give the Gupta Program, you give the gift of reduced sensitivities and an increased sense of wellness.  

Many of my clients and those in the Mast Cell 360 community let me know that they get so much out of this program that they look forward to using it daily.   

>>> Learn more about the Gupta Program


BrainTap logo

Another great brain fitness gift is the BrainTap app. 

It’s a passive form of nervous system support. 

That means all your loved one has to do is kick back and listen to the recordings. 

Some are guided relaxation recordings and some are music only. 

It’s a great starting point for someone with limited energy. 

In the Mast Cell 360 practice, we find that this app has helped clients improve sleep, all kinds of sensitivities, anxiety, pain, and even energy levels. 

It’s one of my top recommendations in our Mast Cell 360 clinic.
The variety keeps this gift feeling new every time it’s used!   

>>> Try a BrainTap 14 day audio program trial for free!

And if you really want to give an extra special gift, consider adding the BrainTap headset.

Braintap Headset

>>> Use coupon code PARTNER50 to get $50 off your BrainTap headset!

>>> Use coupon code PARTNER50 to get $50 off your headset and a discounted 1 year subscription at the same time!

Research has shown that the BrainTap headset is 3x more effective than the audio program alone.  

Not sure whether to get the headset for someone? If they can listen to classical music at a normal volume and can handle normal light levels, then this is a good bet. 

And it’s great for the younger person with sensitivities, too. 

The headset looks a lot like those used in virtual gaming so young people can identify with this right away. 

And it’s so easy to use, it doesn’t feel like working on health. It’s just cool and simple. 

Note: the BrainTap headset may not work for people with significant light sensitivity. 

Your loved one can find out more information in this Facebook Live with the creator.   

Best Gifts for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome  

If you’re loved one shared this article with you, hopefully it’s given you some healthy gift ideas for them!  

Whether you are putting together a gift box for or are looking for that one perfect gift, any of these choices will be meaningful.  

And if you’re reading this because you have MCAS or Histamine Intolerance, don’t hesitate to send this article to those you love. It will help them know what to buy that will work best for you. 

I wish I had thought of doing this earlier to help my friends and family who love me well. 

I know it may feel awkward. And I know gifts really shouldn’t be an expectation. Any gift is just that…a gift. 

But if you are really honest with yourself (like I wish I had been!), you already know who you’ll exchange gifts with at the holidays. And it’s even likely that at some point they’ll ask you what you might like. 

You might even approach the topic by suggesting that you each share wish lists. Ask what they want, too! They may be politely accepting gifts they won’t use, too!  

Whether you are the gift giver or the receiver, I hope all your gift exchanges will be joyful and filled with gratitude. 

Use these buttons to find the best gift for your loved one!

What are some of your favorite MCAS friendly gifts given or received?

Some links in this website are affiliate links, like Amazon, which means Mast Cell 360 may make a very small commission if you purchase through the link. It never costs you any more to purchase through the links, and we try to find the best deals we can. We only recommend products that we love and use personally or use in the Mast Cell 360 practice. Any commissions help support the newsletter, website, and ongoing research so Mast Cell 360 can continue to offer you free tips, recipes, and info. Thank you for your support! 


  1. Mary

    What type of Christmas tree might be tolerated? Kods and I cannot do real pink tree and last year tried artificial after offgassing it for a week and we got tight chest and throat when it was up. A Leland Cypress? Thank you

    1. Jamie, Mast Cell 360 Team

      Hi Mary. This is hard to say because people with MCAS can be triggered by anything. A few things come to mind, maybe try a second hand tree that has off gassed, or look into something else you could decorate like a metal tree? Maybe a cool opportunity to get creative!

  2. Ana

    FYI, Cleure products contain Cocomide MEA, which may contain traces of the known carcinogen Cocomide DEA. For the safety of your readers, MastCell 360 should really stop promoting Cleure products on your website.

    Your website is truly helpful in so many ways, but you really should more fully evaluate the products that you promote. Not all are as healthy as you make it seem.

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