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10 Low Histamine Breakfast or Brunch Ideas for people with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance

Are you running out of ideas for low histamine breakfast?
I get asked all the time – what do you eat for breakfast?
I’m more of a brunch gal, myself. But I do love breakfast. One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is sit on my deck with a cup of Purity Coffee and something decadent for breakfast.
I drink decaf because caffeine makes me bounce off the walls too much. But I just love that rich, roasted flavor of coffee. I don’t care about the caffeine.

Let’s talk coffee for a second.

One of the first questions people ask me is…do I have to give up my coffee? I used to say yes until I learned about Purity Coffee. And I didn’t drink coffee for years. 😔😔😔

Wow, did I miss it!

Why didn’t I drink it?

Because coffee is notorious for having mold growth. And it is generally high histamine because it is fermented. It also can bother people’s stomachs due to its high acid levels.

I only drink one very specific coffee to avoid those issues.

I get Purity Coffee because it is low histamine and low acid. It is tested mold-free. And it is organic.

Bulletproof coffee is pretty good too. It just isn’t organic. That’s why I go with the Purity Coffee kind. Coffee can have a lot of pesticides. Those are mast cell triggers.

You don’t have to buy everything organic. But you do want organic coffee.

And I’m a bit of a coffee snob. Purity Coffee is some of best tasting coffee I’ve had.

I really love that it helped me stop eating chocolate. I feel satisfied with a cup of decaf instead.

What if you don’t like Coffee?

When I don’t drink coffee with brunch, then I have 2 other beverages:

Organic India Tulsi Tea – this is a type of herbal tea (no caffeine). Tulsi has a lot of antihistamine and mast cell supporting properties. The Organic India brand has the best tasting one I’ve tried. (You can get 15% off anything at Fullscript if you register with that link.)

Sparkling Water, like Pellegrino or 365 brand, with Better Stevia organic liquid stevia drops and about ¼ cup of Organic Cranberry Juice. I add a squeeze of lime too. Then I can have a virgin cosmo with brunch – lol…gotta live it up however you can. 😊

Or, how about a refreshing smoothie? Like an Easy Mango-Basil Smoothie or a yummy Cherry Smoothie! Both are super simple and have histamine lowering properties.

Now…what’s for the main course?

Low Histamine, Mast Cell Supporting Breakfast Ideas

When I started a low histamine diet, I thought my days of enjoying food were over. I used to be quite the Foodie. In my 20s, I envisioned starting a restaurant review column. But then my health issues hit. And that was that.

I mourned the loss of foods I loved. And then I realized I also had issues with oxalates and lectins. So that changed my foods list even more.

I finally realized I didn’t have to feel deprived. I just had to get creative!

That’s where all my recipe ideas come from. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. And I especially love trying new things.

These recipes are also lower oxalate. And low lectin. And of course, gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free.

Low Histamine Apple Crumble – This apple crumble uses monk fruit which helps to keep blood sugar stable.

Low Histamine Breakfast “Yogurt” Parfait – I used to love yogurt, try this low histamine coconut cream version.

Low Histamine Pizza – I love pizza for breakfast! Try this cassava and cauliflower version.

Low Histamine Scones – These lightly sweet scones go nicely with Purity Coffee and a lazy Sunday morning.

Low Histamine Bacon – this is one of my absolute delights – to have bacon again!

Low Histamine Blueberry Cassava Flour Muffins – These are super easy and satisfying for breakfast or a snack.

Low Histamine Cassava Tortillas – make a Breakfast Burrito with these, with scrambled eggs or any low histamine meat, some sautéed veggies, and finish with some extra virgin olive oil.

Macadamia Nut Butter with Apple Slices-
Try this luscious, nutrient dense nut butter and pair it with mast cell stabilizing, quercetin rich green apples.

A couple more ideas that haven’t made it to their own recipe blog page yet:

Breakfast Hash: Make hash of shredded rutabagas, Brussel sprouts, and turnips. Cook in ghee and top with a fried pasture-raised egg (if tolerated) or shredded chicken.

Histamine-Lowering Green Smoothie: Blend any combination of: 1 T flax meal, lettuce, 1/2 green apple, blueberries, fennel bulb and greens, cardamom seeds, fresh cilantro, fresh oregano, fresh rosemary, fresh mint, watercress, a few red cabbage leaves, ginger, stevia

Find ideas for lunch, dinner, and dessert in 14 Healthy Low Histamine Meal Ideas.

I hope you enjoy them! If you have time to drop me a line, I’d love to hear what your favorite Low Histamine breakfast foods are!

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  1. Lynn

    Is the photo fruit platter have some high ox? Dragonfruit, oranges, Kiwi?

    1. Beth O'Hara

      Hi Lynn,
      The photo is a free stock image, so it is likely to include some “typical” breakfast foods that would not be suitable for all types of specialized diets. Good eye!

  2. Larina

    Do you think a 100% hibiscus powder (no preservatives or additives) will cause a MCAS reaction? I found some powders from suncore foods for making drinks, but I’m not sure which would cause more Histamine, the dried fruit/leaf vs a powder? I know we’re supposed to stay away from processed, but if nothing is added, maybe the powder is comparable to the hibiscus tea bags you mentioned above? Off topic, but do you think taro root or Okra or Chayote cause high histamine? I’m trying to get creative since I have such minimal options now, and I really love Vietnamese/Indian food!

  3. Bridget

    Hi there thank you so much for sharing all of these recipes. I have a question with coconut milk I may have an allergy to that I notice my throat gets scratchy when I have coconut anything what can I use in place of coconut milk? I can’t have high oxolates either so it makes it even more challenging.

    1. Suz, Mast Cell 360 Team

      Hi Bridget,
      We only test the recipes as they are listed, so we can’t say for sure on substitutes. I generally suggest that you could use whatever type of “milk” you can tolerate but test the recipe by only making half. That way, if it doesn’t turn out how you’d like, you haven’t wasted too many ingredients. When I test some recipes, I’ll even just make 1/4 to start.


  4. Mast Cell Diet

    Could one idea be paleo ‘granola’- nuts, seeds, chia seeds etc. There are some packaged varieties out there (some may have sugar added) but could you bake and create your own? Maybe it could be added to warm porridge made from gluten free grains with some allowed fruits. I have also tried baked or stewed pear/apple on porridge too which is so tasty. Can be a dessert too!

    1. Suz, Mast Cell 360 Team

      Hello! I love your creativity! Generally, pre-packaged items contain added sugars or preservatives which aren’t great for those with MCAS or HIT. But if you were making your own, just check out what you want to put in it against the food list which you can find here:


  5. Sheila

    Just starting out on this diet … does anyone know if hummus is ok?

    1. Jamie, Mast Cell 360

      Hi Sheila. With hummus, you’ll want to make sure that the ingredients in it are low histamine. Luckily chickpeas are lower histamine, but some recipes use lemon juice and tahini which could cause issues for some people with histamine intolerance depending on individual sensitivities. The other thing to keep in mind is that histamine exists on a spectrum. Leftovers and foods in the refrigerated sections of the grocery store will likely be higher histamine. So our suggestion would be to make the hummus fresh rather than premade to keep the histamine load lower. We also have a low histamine cauliflower hummus recipe you

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